You design it, let ChimneyMaster calculate it.

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Fast, Reliable, and Easy to Use

ChimneyMaster is an easy-to-use program on which you can quickly and reliably make calculations for one or more devices in accordance with the EN-13384 standard.

  • Fully Compatible with EN-13384

    Chimney calculations comply with the EN-13384 standard, the chimney calculation standard of Europe and the Turkish Standards Institution.

  • E-Signature Security

    The reports created on ChimneyMaster are secured with an e-signature and can be signed both by the engineer who creates the chimney system and by the organization that checks it.

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  • Everything in One PDF

    The PDF chimney report can also be used as a ChimneyMaster project file.

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ChimneyMaster offers a user-friendly, streamlined interface with multi-language support. And in addition to being comfortable, it’s also versatile, giving users the option of interacting with their designs normally or via schematic images.

Why ChimneyMaster?

With its rich database and extensive, it can access all product catalogs and help you quickly design and make calculations for chimneys.

    • Quick and Easy

      ChimneyMaster’s user-friendly interface lets you quickly and easily enter chimney-system data, and the program also swiftly carries out the necessary calculations. Click for details.

    • Data Verification

      All data calculated for chimney systems on ChimneyMaster is verified, and user-modified parameters are specified in the report. Click for details.

    • Multi-Language Support

      The infrastructure system supports many European languages, including English, German, French, Turkish, and Italian.

    • Rich Database

      Hosting data for thousands of device and chimney types, the program continually adds products from authorized organizations to ensure that its database is accurate and up to date. Click for details.

    • Detailed Reporting

      ChimneyMaster provides detailed reporting support with which you can report all the steps of the calculations made according to the EN-13384 standard. Click for details.

    • User Database

      Device and chimney data that has not yet been entered into the program can easily be added, and users can use this data in all of their calculations. Click for details.

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  • BUSINESS + 1 Year of Maintenance Included
    • Calculations Devices Unlimited
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    • Calculation Report Simple / Detailed
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    • Maintenance 1 Year
    • Integration into the Chimney Approval System *
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